49s lottery is a game that is started from London (UK Lotto Limited). It is played two times a day and draw take places twice a day and check 49s Results.

Today's UK49 latest teatime results in 2019. We publish 49s lunchtime results, previous UK 49s results and UK49's teatime result.

  • Draw 1:It is taking placed at 12:49 (noon) and this draw is known as lunchtime draw.
  • Draw 2:this draw take place at (17:49 in summer, 16:49 in winter) and is referred as teatime draw.

Don’t worry! It’s a site where you can get the accurate and exact 49S result of both the l Lunchtime and Teatime draw. Before to describe about the result,I want to give you information about 49S.


49s Results

Sunday 22 September 2019 LUNCHTIME2111219363824
Saturday 21 September 2019 LUNCHTIME10121622344846
Friday 20 September 2019 TEATIME
Friday 20 September 2019 LUNCHTIME171118272831
Thursday 19 September 2019 TEATIME
Thursday 19 September 2019 LUNCHTIME522333536457
Wednesday 18 September 2019 TEATIME
Wednesday 18 September 2019 LUNCHTIME121720284348
Tuesday 17 September 2019 LUNCHTIME472025374347
Monday 16 September 2019 TEATIME
Monday 16 September 2019 LUNCHTIME10212239414720
Sunday 15 September 2019 TEATIME
Saturday 14 September 2019 TEATIME
Saturday 14 September 2019 LUNCHTIME5192331334029
Friday 13 September 2019 LUNCHTIME19222339434412
Thursday 12 September 2019 TEATIME
Thursday 12 September 2019 LUNCHTIME20303637384421
Tuesday 11 September 2019 TEATIME
Wednesday 11 September 2019 LUNCHTIME2524303345
Tuesday 10 September 2019 TEATIME
Tuesday 10 September 2019 LUNCHTIME

Monday 9 September 2019 TEATIME
Monday 9 September 2019 LUNCHTIME
Sunday 8 September 2019 TEATIME
Sunday 8 September 2019 LUNCHTIME
Saturday 7 September 2019 TEATIME
Saturday 7 September 2019 LUNCHTIME
Friday 6 September 2019 TEATIME
Friday 6 September 2019 LUNCHTIME
Thursday 5 September 2019 TEATIME
Thursday 5 September 2019 LUNCHTIME

111213 364046 21
Wednesday 4 September 2019 TEATIME
Wednesday 4 September 2019 LUNCHTIME
Tuesday 3 September 2019 TEATIME
Tuesday 3 September 2019 LUNCHTIME
Monday 2 September 2019 TEATIME
Monday 2 September 2019 LUNCHTIME
252627293949 9
Sunday 1 September 2019 TEATIME
Sunday 1 September 2019 LUNCHTIME
Saturday 31 August 2019 TEATIME
5153335 4047
Saturday 31 August 2019 LUNCHTIME
Friday 30 August 2019 TEATIME
710 1522 3635
Friday 30 August 2019 LUNCHTIME
Thursday 29 August 2019 TEATIME
Thursday 29 August 2019 LUNCHTIME
9162139 4240
Wednesday 28 August 2019 TEATIME
Wednesday 28 August 2019 LUNCHTIME
Tuesday 27 August 2019 TEATIME
Monday 26 August 2019 TEATIME
Monday 26 August 2019 LUNCHTIME
Sunday 25 August 2019 TEATIME
Sunday 25 August 2019 LUNCHTIME
Thursday 22 August 2019 LUNCHTIME
23 33363846 41
Wednesday 21 August 2019 TEATIME
12 212933
Wednesday 21 August 2019 LUNCHTIME12133132374025
Tuesday 20 August 2019 TEATIME
Tuesday 20 August 2019 LUNCHTIME13162730344338
Monday 19 August 2019 TEATIME
Monday 19 August 2019 LUNCHTIME9152534364324
Sunday 18 August 2019 TEATIME
Sunday 18 August 2019 LUNCHTIME17163036434
Saturday 17 August 2019 TEATIME
Saturday 17 August 2019 LUNCHTIME2131415184734
Friday 16 August 2019 TEATIME
Friday 16 August 2019 LUNCHTIME1720384145492
Thursday 15 August 2019 TEATIME
19 20 2128448
Thursday 15 August 2019 LUNCHTIME415263740441
Wednesday 14 August 2019 TEATIME4
Wednesday 14 August 2019 LUNCHTIME3142325314943
Tuesday 13 August 2019 TEATIME
22 263034359
Tuesday 13 August 2019 LUNCHTIME30
Monday 12 August 2019 TEATIME
Monday 12 August 2019 LUNCHTIME3
514 29454716
Sunday 11 August 2019 TEATIME5
13303337 3846
Sunday 11 August 2019 LUNCHTIME
Saturday 10 August 2019 TEATIME
221 36 404449
Saturday 10 August 2019 LUNCHTIME
Friday 9 August 2019 TEATIME
1723 2538468
Friday 9 August 2019 LUNCHTIME

26 3132454630
Wednesday 7 August 2019 TEATIME4
Wednesday 7 August 2019 LUNCHTIME
Thursday 8 August 2019 TEATIME
49s Results

It is not only restricted to UK players but also fairly popular online and played through internet. It was started following the launch of UK’s national lottery at 1996. The association is defended by LBO’s and numerous broadcasting.​

49S Teatime Latest Results

We welcome our 49s lottery players who have a great interest in checking the latest result. We are providing Teatime Latest Results for you. At this site we continuously updating Tea time result 49s lunchtime results, 49s results history.

49s previous results are also available at our site to help lotto players as a guideline. Complete principles for playing the game are the same as for the Lunch Time.

Lunch Time Result

I am sure that our site is a best platform for our players to get the perfect and latest Lunch Time Result. We update all the Irish lottery results 49s and all Lunchtime results regularly.

So, to get complete and best Teatime as well as Lunchtime result, keep visiting our site regularly. We try our best to provide all results on time.

What are the Hot Ball Numbers?

The numbers that have been recently appeared on a draw, and are not expected further to appear for a while are known as hot numbers.

Many people insist by forecasting the future draw results with the use of hot balls or hot numbers. Many UK49s players use these types of methods while selecting their numbers for the draw. We also believe that these types of playing systems can work extremely well when used correctly.

49S Bet

From balls marked the numbers from 1 to 49, select six numbers and a bonus number which is known as the “Booster”. Now, you can play either the 6 number or 7 number draw. If you chose the 7 numbers which includes the Booster ball then it will increase your winning chances in 49S bet.

Some bookmakers bet types may vary so please check with your local bookmaker.

How does it Work?

The principle behind 49s betting is similar to the Irish Lotto and other lotteries betting. Anybody can bet 49s on a minimum of one number and maximum of five numbers. There is another choice of whether you have an interest to include the Booster Ball in your bet.

If all the numbers that you select are drawn, you win the game. There are no limitations of fixed stake. The amount you win depends upon how many numbers you bet on and how much you wager.

49s online betting

As, its a time where the people are so fast that they want to do everything within very short interval of time. They prefer to do work at their home or place rather than going to working place.

Therefore, 49s lottery is modified for the players online overall the world.  The Internet is offering an environment where it is a necessity for the client to get immediate facilitation.

The development of an on-demand way of life greatly matches the UK49 WIN method.49s online betting is surprising that it is among the fastest developing draws available and the most famous.

49s virtual horse racing

Virtual horse racing is the term used to mention for computer-generated races shown in betting offices. It also refers to online bookmaker websites and to online games that enable players to own, train and race virtual horses. The results shown here refer to those of computer-generated races operated by 49s Ltd.

Actually virtual racing is a numbers game. You see the races which are a computer-generated presentation of a random numbers draw. The outcome (or result) of the race determines the order in which the random numbers are generated.

The first number produced is the winner and then successive numbers drawn will govern the placed horses.

Place facts for virtual horse racing are like to those attributed to real horse racing, as follows:

  • Races with 8 to11 runners, 1/5 odds, 3 places.
  • Races with 12 to15 runners, 1/4 odds, 3 places.
  • Races with 16 or more runners, 1/4 odds, 4 places.


49s virtual racing results

We provide the today 49s virtual racing results for our clients. To have an access to today’s racing results from all the meetings taking place in the UK, Ireland and overseas, including France and North America Use this page.

Each and every result for virtual horse racing meeting can be seem on these pages, when available. Results shown refer to today’s races and are therefore cleared at midnight each day.

Bet Fred 49s

Actually in the United Kingdom Betfred is a bookmaker and was established by Peter Done and Fred. In 1967, It was initially established as a single shop in Salford and Ordal.

In 2004, its overturn was more than £3.5 billion and it has this rise from £550 million in 2003. Its offices are present in Salford Quays, Media city, Salford and its head office is in Birchwood , Warrington.

For new customers, only deposit and stake £5 on Lotto for £10 in free bets. The free bet is acknowledged within 24 hours and is not included in any returns. Be aware! Unused balance of free bets will expire after seven days.

  • Firstly you have to register with Betfred
  • Deposit & stake £5 on lotto
  • Then Betfred will give you £10 in Free Bets

Betfred 49s results

Different companies are providing different lotteries results. Many of the companies are providing a locus for the UK 49s lotto result. These companies vary in different ways like in odd numbers, payouts, and winnings.

Betfred is the best company for 49s results betfred. Bet Fred 49s latest result can be obtained here if you are playing through their channel.

William hill lotto 49s

William Hill is a businessman (1903–1971), as well as the founder of William Hill bookmaker  William Ebsworth Hill(1817–1895), London violin maker and originator of the firm W. E.

William Hill is certified by the Bookmaking Commission under the number: 000-039225 R-319373-001) for customers in Great Britain. It has acquired the license by the Gibraltar Government and controlled by the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner (RGL no. 034 & 042) for all other customers.

William hill results 49s

William Hill is actually a debatably the UK’s best known bookmaker. It is usually offline with a large retail presence but freshly starting to dictate the online market too. Their chances are reasonable although not best priced.

Bookmaking with William Hill on lotto is picking trust, tradition and ease of use over value. William hill 49s latest results can be seen at our site because we update all 49 s lottery results regularly.so keep visiting our site at daily basis to get best and authentic results.

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