Russia Gosloto Morning Results 15 April 2020

The latest morning results of Russia’s Gosloto 6/45 draw on 15 April 2020 failed to produce a jackpot winner.

Gosloto Morning Results

The winning numbers for the Russia Gosloto draw on 15 April 2020 at 10:00 were:


Gosloto Morning Payouts

The Russia Gosloto draw on 15 April 2020 at 10:00 failed to produce a winner in division
one (six correct numbers).
There were, also, zero winners in division two (five correct numbers).
Division three (four correct numbers) produced some winners; a total of 13 people, and they
each received prize money of py6 1889 (R428,94) for their efforts.
Division four (three correct numbers) saw 499 winners clinch the py6 247 (R56,09) amount on
At the bottom end of the winnings table, some 2993 winners were recorded for division five
(two correct numbers + bonus ball), and they won py6 100 (R22.72) each.

How to Play Russian Gosloto

1. The nearest point of sale (post office), where I could buy lottery tickets, is about two kilometers from the house (four bus stops). This is not a big problem, I like to walk and walks are good for health, but a pity for the time spent. Especially when I come to the post office to buy lottery tickets, and there …

2. Not always there are tickets for a lottery or draws needed for my mother. Of course, I can also buy the lotto tickets I need at the post office, but not, as usual, having received the tickets in my hands, but only online, through the official Stoloto website with checks (receipts) about payment with combinations of numbers, as in regular tickets.

So I thought that if my responsibility is not only to buy, but also to check tickets for Stoloto lotteries (usually Russian lotto and Housing Lottery), so why don’t I register on this site and buy tickets for the necessary lotteries and draws there? No sooner said than done.
You registered on the Stoloto website and have already bought the lottery tickets my mother needs several times, checked the lottery tickets many times and even received winnings.

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