Teatime Results

Teatime results are the second draw of the UK 49s lottery. This is the second most important draw of this lotto. Here we are going to update all information about teatime i.e At what time teatime results come, strategy to win, teatime predictions, etc. To get all information please keep reading the article till the end.

02 February 2023
02 February 2023
02 February 2023
01 February 2023

At what time teatime results come?

Teatime result declares at 17:50 every day. Something more about this draw is that this draw is also known as the evening draw.

Useful strategy to win this draw results

We are going to share a very useful hot and cold ball strategy with you. We hope this technique will 99% sure work. You can rely on this technique and try this one for your own draw. As you know Hot numbers are very most drawn numbers in the previous draws up to 8 to 10 weeks. These numbers are known as lucky and reliable numbers. Many players in history have used these numbers for their own draws and won the lotto many times.

The cold numbers are very less used numbers in the previous results over 8 to 10 weeks. We suggest not to rely upon these numbers. Moreover, we want to add something more about this strategy that this hot and cold number strategy does not always work, as you know that lottery is the game of luck. So, your good luck matters a lot to be the winner.

At the end of the article, we want to tell you that on our website we update all kinds of information about UK 49s lotto and regularly update the latest lunchtime and teatime results. You can get all that from our site. Thank you!