UK 49s Lunchtime results history

Hi Everyone, We greet all the UK 49s  players of South Africa with an open heart . UK 49s is a world-famous game and is different from other games due to its double draw. Because it provides the opportunity to its players to double their money.  It is consists of two draws Lunchtime draw and … Read more

The UK49s Win

Like other lottery games, The UK49s Win is a very interesting and most searching topic on the internet nowadays. Here we will tell about the UK 49s win importance and its demands and we will give the suggestions that how to win UK 49s lottery as well. Little about Uk 49s lottery The Uk 49s … Read more

Daily Lotto Results

Daily Lotto is one of the popular lotteries in South Africa like as UK49s . SA Daily lotto is held every night at 9 pm SAST. You can get a lottery ticket from a nearby lottery outlet. The sales of the lottery close at 20:30 hours (8:30 PM) every day. The Jackpot is estimated every … Read more

Greece lottery Results

The Greece Powerball Lotto is also called the Greece Powerball Lottery. The Greece Powerball lotto draw takes place twice a week on Wednesday and Saturday, at 8 PM. The ball set is consists of 49 balls in which 6 balls and 1 bonus ball is drawn. The Greece Powerball lottery is broken into two categories; the … Read more